About Me

My name is Shimon Zemer. I was born and raised in Israel. I grew up in Rehovot, the city of orange orchards and the Weitzmann Institute of Sciences, where many Israeli scientists have won The Noble Prize.

I am married  to Ita. We have known each other  since high school.  We have three wonderful children named  Meidan, Tom, and Iyar.

I served in the I.D.F (Israeli Defense  Forces ) for seven years  as a Master Sargent in the air force. This is the best air force in the world, which is, of course, my humble opinion.

I have been working as a tour guide since 1998. I graduated with a degree in tour guide studies with a specialty in history, archeology, nature, and the Bible from Ariel University,  which is located in the city of Ariel,  northeast of Jerusalem.

I always wanted to tour this beautiful country and  I knew the future would bring me to lead and to guide groups all over the land of Israel.

I  have also always cherished the Bible and its teachings.  My  passion is to follow the Bible’s  footsteps in the land of Israel.

I specialize in this by giving tours to  both Jewish and Christian groups.