Christian tours to Israel

Christian pilgrims are frequent guest in the land of Israel and that’s completely reasonable. After all, this is the land where Christ was born, gathered his followers, died on the cross and rose from the dead. Every religious and faithful person is dreaming to visit this very ground and to feel the divine presence. But nonetheless, even if you can quote the bible perfectly – you’ still need an experienced guide to show you all the most sacred places and lead Christian tours to Israel.

What is the main role of an experienced guide Christian tours to Israel?

First of all, remember that a guide is here to provide you with important information only a local resident can acquire. Also, he’ll facilitate the process of entering various places, especially in Jerusalem. For example, you can visit Church of the Holy Sepulchre alone, but the guide will allow you fast entry and show you the most interesting spots. Additionally, with a guide you won’t need to worry about getting lost or entering an unsafe environment.

What is the definition of an excellent guide for christian tours to israel?

Having any guide is not enough for Christian tours to Israel. The perfect person for this position must show few important traits. For example, he needs to show respect toward your beliefs and deliver the information that is interesting for you. And of course, he has to be well familiar with the basic narratives of Christian faith. Shimon Zemer is highly experienced guide from Israel. He has the deepest connection to this land from any angle and he’ll be happy to share this passion with you.

Christian tours to Israel