Israel Christian tours

Israel has some of the important sites related to the 3 major religions. But Christian pilgrims, combined in all denominations are probably make the most stable traffic of tourism in Israel. This fact might have some upside, such as the ability of the local tourism-related services providers to be well-informed. On the other hand, the extend of Christian visitors might create a jam, leaving some of them without proper guidance, or even outside of some of the most intriguing locations, because of the need to reserve entrance tickets ahead. Additionally, organized Israel Christian tours allow to have special insights on all the visited places, creating unique and unforgettable religious experiences.

Places you wouldn’t want to miss in Israel Christian tours

The main interest of Christian tourists in Israel is of course the life of Jesus Christ, since it was spent right here in Israel. If you are to walk through his life-journey, you may start in Bethlehem of course, taking a trip to Nazareth as well. It’s also important to visit the Galilean Sea (Kineret), where Jesus walked on water, and to the Jordan river, where he was baptized by John the Baptist. Later you’re about to dive in the special atmosphere of Jerusalem and all the amazing events that took place there.

Make sure you won’t miss anything.

Many pilgrims state that taking Israel Christian tours was the most exciting thing they ever did. Taking an experienced and educated guide, such as Shimon Zemer is the key to having the most enlightening and exciting journey in the land where Christianity was conceived.

Israel Christian tours