Israel guide

Israel is one of the most interesting places you can visit as a tourist. Even in the huge and varied world we live in, you can be sure you won’t anything like Israel in whole of it. This can be attributed to various factors. For example, the sheer idea that the state exists for last than 70 years is overwhelming. Less than two generations ago this land was mostly deserted, with just small dots of habituated small towns. These days it’s a small but vibrant country, providing full range of amazing activities in its small scope.

Things you must see with Israel guide

There’s no doubt that today you can visit and tour almost any country all by yourself, using the Internet and the fact that everyone knows English. But in Israel, some of the most special places are those you won’t find in the generalized tourists article. For example, you may find the most interesting gems not in the biggest cities, such as Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem, but as much as in small and less tourism-attracting spots, such as Kesriya, Zichron Yakov and more. Also, you shall remember that although the state is young, the land is ancient and full of remains, so almost small town, such as Lod have interesting archeological sites and artifacts.

Choosing the right guide

Israel guide to suit your needs it’s the one that capable be interesting and enchanting, but at the same time to be flexible enough to give you the freedom to explore. Shimon Zemer is an experienced tourists guide, allowing you to have the trip of your life.

Israel guide