The Land Of Israel… for thousands of years we were and still are looking forward to visit the land

which was promised to us by our forefathers.

The land of Zionism, Bible , heritage, heroism, the land combined Jews from more than 80

countries around the world.

If you’ve always dreamt about visiting Israel, you should know that a guided tour lead by me might

be a crucial step for a good experience.

I’m an experienced tour guide who can enrich your trip to Israel. My experience of guiding Jewish

groups, Temples, Bar/Bath Mitzvah goes back to many years.

Sites like in Jerusalem, Western Wall, City Of David, Old City, Synagogues, Israel Museum, Yad

Vashem {Holocaust Museum}, Mount Herzl, the Markets, Ben Yehuda St., the new city, and many


Site like in the Eastern and Southern part of Israel like the Dead Sea, Masada, Qumran, the

desert, the Negev, Eilat, Beer Sheva and many more…

Sites in the Northern part of Israel like Lake Kinneret {Sea Of Galilee}, Galilee, Golan Heights,

Safed, Akko, Haifa, and many more…

All these sites and many many more will change your life as a Jew.

Tours like that will renew the strong connection between you and the Jewish land.

Israel will prove you how great the land of the Jews is. The mixture of cultures, the views and the

amazing food is just one part of it. So, to sum it up, visiting Israel is an experience that shouldn’t be