• Melissa Ramey

    A trip to Israel would not be the same without this treasure as a guide. He insured, with his kindness, knowledge, humor and energy, that our trip to Israel will be the first of many more. Shimon taught us so much about this beautiful conflicted land. However, it was not merely knowledge that he imparted, but a genuine love for the land and the people that inspired us to know our own Bible better, to cherish the land and to better understand a complex situation. If you are considering a trip to Israel, Shimon should be your first step; he can do everything from planning an itinerary to waving farewell at the airport. The only change I would have made is to have stayed longer.


    Melissa Ramey  Nov’ 2015

  • Wayne & Petti



    Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you how much we enjoyed our recent trip to Israel.  We have traveled many places in the world and you are one of top guides that we have ever had.  Your knowledge of the history and culture of Israel as well as your extensive knowledge of the Bible (both New and Old Testaments) greatly added to our enjoyment of each of the places that we visited.  We feel very fortunate to have had you as a guide and would highly recommend you to anyone that is considering a visit to Israel.


    Wayne & Patti Ebel  Nov’ 2015

  • Dr. Calvin and Angie Stiller

    September 2015

    Dear Shimon. We are about to arrive at Toronto ‎and I wanted to drop you a line and thank you for a most remarkable experience. We have traveled extensively over my lifetime and without exaggeration the time spent with you over the past twelve days have been some of the most meaningful and enjoyable days that Angie and I have experienced. You are truly a gifted teacher and your extraordinary knowledge of the history and culture of Israel and your comprehensive understanding of the Bible made it truly all come alive.

     I wanted especially to comment on the security that we felt during the whole time we were there. You know that we had questions when we arrived because of the press. We needn’t have had them. Your assurance of our safety was enforced by our experience. 

    Please keep well for we shall return. 

    Kindest regards, and with thanks. 

    Dr. Calvin and Angie Stiller

    London, Ontario


  • Phyllis & Louis Cohen Florida, USA

    May 2015

    We cannot say enough about Shimon Zemer’s expertise and personality. His individual tours are all a

    result of personal recommendations as we are doing now.

    From the day that we emailed him to inquire about his services until the day we left Israel, Shimon

    constantly communicated with us about our interests and preferences. Prior to meeting him personally,

    we emailed and he telephoned frequently to clarify what could not be explained in writing.

    Learning that we wanted to see all of Israel but that we were two “seniors”, he suggested an itinerary

    along with lodging. In his personal vehicle, he showed us 1300 miles of his magnificent country,

    including many sites that are not included in group tours. His knowledge about religion, archeology,

    history, and topography is outstanding.

    Shimon’s patience and flexibility made our journey the most memorable trip of our lives.

  • Burgess Family,

    “Calling Shimon a tour guide is not accurate.  Shimon is a tourism ambassador and he

    truly shows you the spirit and heart of Israel as well as the amazing sites that exist in

    such a small piece of land.  Shimon has become an honorary member of the Burgess

    Family and the 2 weeks that we spent with him are some of the most incredible

    memories that I have.  I can’t imagine ever visiting Israel without Shimon, and I know

    that we will visit him again and again in Israel in the coming years.”

    With much love from the Burgess Family,


  • David & Evelyn Stiller

                                                      September 2015
    We’ve had a few days to reflect on the ten days we spent with you in Israel. They were packed with history, geography, Biblical text and a rich context for the many, many stories that make up your rich history.

    Your skill as a teacher and your knowledge of the history of the Bible are exceptional. Over that period of time you built story upon story of Biblical times, both Old and New, and every few days gathered them all up and gave them linkages. As we stood on the Precipice, you pointed to a string of locations where Jewish stories happened. The same at the Valley of Tears and on the boat as we floated on the north of the Sea of Galilee you pointed out the many villages of which stories were written of Jesus’ life. Then looking over the City of Jerusalem you traced for us the places of significance to the Christian faith that we had visited and tied them all together.

    We feel that we have been given a rich gift of insight to a complex part of the world. And to you, we are grateful.


    David and Evelyn

  • Rev. Bob & Pastor Wendy Beasley

    September  2015

    Shimon Zemer knows Israel.  His passion for the history, culture and religion of Israel becomes obvious soon after meeting him.  I have led tours with Shimon numerous times, and there isn’t a community, historical site or recent archeological discovery that he doesn’t know and love.  Shimon is a student of the Bible and is a gifted teacher.  It isn’t long before people on his tours start speaking about their “brains being full” of interesting and impactful information about the Holy Land.  Shimon’s quick wit and sense of humor help make the trips enjoyable and memorable.  I travel to Israel regularly and won’t bring a group unless Shimon is our tour guide.  He is one of a kind and great friend.  I cannot recommend him highly enough.

    Rev. Bob Beasley

    Chatham, ON, Canada

  • Pastor Andrew & Amy Gordon

    August 2015

    Shimon is quite simply the best. He makes the land come alive before you with his commentary, knowledge and passion. Educated and prepared he is a scholar who possesses a quick whit, a friendly style and a caring attitude. He is entertaining, patient, and seems to have boundless energy. He works equally well with smaller private groups and larger tours. His insight, approach and commitment it second to none. He loves Israel and will lead you to love it too.

    Andrew Gordon Lead Pastor, Compass Community Church, Orangeville, ON


  • Kim & Jill Cooper

    My wife and I have wanted to travel to Israel for many years and we finally were able to be part of a tour in September 2015.  Shimon was our tour guide, and we were both so very blessed and very impressed with Shimon.  As a tour guide, he is a wealth of knowledge of his country’s culture and history.  Every single day we learned so much.  As someone we spent 10 days with, he became a good friend as well.  We are so thankful for the time we had in Israel and also very thankful for Shimon being our exceptional tour guide.

    Mr. Kim Cooper
    Economic Development Officer
    Agriculture Specialist
    Municipality of Chatham-Kent
  • Bev & Les Rothschild

    In 2012, we hired Shimon to plan and to guide our two-week trip of three couples – one couple veteran Israeli visitors, one having being to Israel ten years earlier, and one couple new Israeli visitors.  Our itinerary was fascinating to all three levels of visitors.  Shimon found new, exciting places to visit while covering the “first timer’s sites” as well.  His knowledge of the country, the old and New Testament, history, current affairs and his sense of humour made our trip one to cherish.  He was open to suggestions, always open to changes made on the spur of the moment and a great driver!

    We returned this year (2015) with two other couples, all veteran Israeli visitors, and once again Shimon was able to share with us Israeli culture, sites and history that we had not seen or experienced before. 

    It is always a pleasure to travel and to listen to Shimon as you can hear his passion for this wonderful country.

    Bev and Les Rothschild, Toronto Canada

  • Debora & Chuck Thompson

    My husband & I just finished a tour with Shimon and it was fabulous. This is our 5th tour to Israel and having Shimon as a guide. He takes us to places to show the bible history of Israel and also the recent history of Israel. We always learn more every trip.

    Debra & Chuck Thompson Jan’ 2016


  • Linda feucht

    I want to thank you for the life changing experience. Your knowledge of the Holy Land and the way you presented it was such a joy. You kept the group together and moving. The great job you did was even more obvious to those of us who went to Jordan. It was members of our group who used “the Shimon” method. Guys!  This is the best day ever. Stay close. While our Jordanian guide went off to smoke. 

    Thanks again and please let me know if you ever have time to raft in Colorado. I’d love to share a bit of Colorado with you. 

    Linda feucht

    Vail group 2019

  • Rabbi Joel D. Newman


    Thank you for another great tour!  I’ve taken my congregation on multiple tours with you, and every time, I know that the trip will be a great success with the members eager to return for more. Every day, from morning until night, you make each moment a learning experience. I appreciate that during the travel time as well at each site you are able to quote from the Bible and Talmud to bring history into the present.  It is a true pleasure to work with you and I look forward to joining with you again next year!

    Rabbi Joel D. Newman,

    Congregation B’nai Vail

    Vail, Colorado

  • Janet E. Newman


    Thank you so much for the successful and memorable tours this summer!  As the tour leader, I observed how the groups of different faiths were equally amazed by your phenomenal knowledge of the history and culture of Israel.  Everyone appreciated your endless humor, sincere compassion and meaningful stories. Your professionalism and the connections you have to change the itinerary to adjust to the weather, time, group size or other situations is remarkable.

    It is easy see why you are so highly regarded by tour agencies, fellow guides, hotel staff, tour locations and especially, travelers of all faiths.  I am grateful for your ability to make each person feel important, valued and respected.  As a tour leader, I have guests who will change their travel dates if you are not available.  It makes my job of arranging the groups easy when I know that you will make the trip a guaranteed success. This is my eighth time touring with you, and I am already planning two more group adventures in Israel!

    Janet E. Newman, PhD

    Tour Leader

  • Father Jose Maria

    Dear Shimon,

    After almost two weeks, being back from Israel and overcoming the longest jet lag I ever had. I take a time to write you a Thank you note for all your help while on the Pilgrimage of Colorado to Holy Land.

    I appreciate really much your great knowledge of your country. Your quotations on the Old Testament explaining  the meaning of different Biblical texts according to the sense given in Hebrew, and your professionality as a tour guide, but,  especially I enjoyed your sense of humor and your good spirit encouraging always the group to wait for the next day as the ‘best one’. Very important, especially traveling with some senior people!

    Thank you, thank you, and thank you! I hope that you will be enjoying your job with the new group you will be leading these days, in the same way, I think, all of us enjoyed the Pilgrimage with you as our tour guide.

    God bless you!


    Father Jose Maria