Tour guide Israel

Israel is one of those countries where you can benefit the most from having a tour guide with you. This is due to the special vibe in here, the different cultures mixed together on a very small piece of land and other unique traits of this special country. For western people it seems very uncommon, especially outside the mega polis of Tel-Aviv, that sometimes seems like the small and perky sister of New York City. In Tel-Aviv the Eastern tradition is not so evident. But if you change the location – you may get a different feeling, which might be interesting and much better received if you have tour guide Israel to lead you confidently and knowingly.

Different aspects of being tour guide Israel

This country has few special traits that defines it and also draws tourists in. On one hand, it has a huge history, but on the other – it’s a very evolved country. Yet some of the most fascinating areas aren’t the “western” ones. Most of the people who come to Israel are mostly interested with the religious aspects of life here, the sites that matters to Christianity, Judaism and more. A well-qualified and experienced guide is all you need to get all the emotions you want from this place.

Guiding done professionally

One of the most important traits of guide in Israel, is to allow the visitors to have their way. Shimon Zemer is an experienced guide, capable of leading both Christian and Jewish and secular groups in order to show the prettiest places in Israel.

Tour guide Israel