As a man who guides tours in Israel for many years, I’ll be more than happy if you will

participate in a tour managed by me, as you might be surprised to know that there are many

interesting sites to see in Israel, while choosing the right person to guide your journey might

be a crucial step in understanding where you really are. Amongst the main sites for Pilgrimes

around Sea of Galilee, you will visit and experience Capernaum, Mount Of Beatitude and the

other sites Jesus left his footsteps. And in Jerusalem you will visit the Garden Tomb, Mount

Of Olives, The Garden of Gethsemane and many more sites following Jesus steps in the Holy


You should remember that If you’re willing to visit Israel, your best bet will be going on a

guided tour with me. this way you won’t waste your time searching for interesting locations

without any prior knowledge. 

Your tour in Israel can be a private tour with me in my licensed Van for tourists or as a group

on a tourist’s coach. 

In conclusion, If you’re interested about visiting Israel, I’ll recommend on visiting that

wonderful country through a guided tour with me, without any doubt. The tour will allow

you to meet the Holy Land at its best, and it might be a life changing experience for you.