Private Tours

You’re interested in traveling to Israel as a small group, or your family, but you are

not sure about the most effective way of exploring the country?

I’m about to unveil some of the best tips that will help going through the Israeli

experience on its best possible way.

First of all, you should be aware that participating in a private tour isn’t something

that suits everyone, especially if the guide isn’t holding the knowledge or the ability

about how to handle it. More than that, you should know that a private tour suits

families with or without kids.

Participating in private tours consists of many advantages, and some of them are

pretty obvious, but even though, many people decide to travel independently. I think

that if you’re planning to go with your family or with a small group to Israel, your best

bet would be a private tour.

Some of the advantages that you will experience while traveling in a private tour,

would be the ability to manage your time efficiently, flexibility, see the most important

sites and hear about each place from an experienced tour guide.

If you want to take a part in a private tour in Israel, a small group, family tour, Bar /

Bath Mitzvah or Christian tour I recommend on going on a tour with me, Shimon

Zemer. I will be more than happy to guide you and show you the most important

places that every tourist should visit in Israel. Take into account that if you’d decide to

go on a private tour with me, you could enjoy your trip much more, as my many years

of experience, leading so many tours, will make your trip to Israel a once in a life time


I will be more than happy to assist you in everything you need from the time you are

landing till the time you’ll leave Israel when your hearts full with great feelings and

joy… and as we say “next year, again in Jerusalem..”.